Planning to go for H1b stamping to Canada.. Please suggest!..


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Hi there,

Am a active member since 2 months.

My type is EVC model. I have all the client, vendor letter... Recently i changed my client, am done with the Amendment..

Is there any thing i need to take care. Is it good time to go for stamping and which place is best place to go.

Please help me these things, it will help me a lot...


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Hi Pavan,

Thx for the reply

Yes Joej.

Recently I changed my client.

I got new LCA with new client location at the same time H1b amendment done with the new client.


I understood the first portion of your answer "I got new LCA with new client location ".

But when you say "H1b amendment done with the new client" what do we have to do.. do we need to apply for Ammendment on i-797 with the new client details ? please reply


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