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I have sent my petition for H1b amendment(premium processing) which was returned back to provide the following information. This is my second year of my first H1B after masters. I am working at the client location through my employer and my H1b is valid until next year.Please share if any one else have come across similar query or please provide any needful information to move forward.

1) What are the other options in case of H1B amendment denial?

2) Can I continue working to the same client?

3) Will I be in out of status?

4) Can I move to a different client location?

5) Did any one else had an issue with H1B amendment?

Query Details :

Beneficiary Qualifications

1) The beneficiary training and/or work experience included and theoretical and practical application of specialized knowledge required by the specialty.

2) The claimed experience was gained while working with peers, supervisors and/or subordinated who have a degree or equivalent in the specialty; and

3) The beneficiary has recognition of expertise in the specialty evidenced by at least one type of documentation such as

A) Recognition of expertise in the specialty occupation by at least two recognized authorities in the same specialty occupation.

B) Membership in a recognized foreign or United States association or society in the

specialty occupation.

C) Published material by or about the alien in professional publications, trade journals, or major newspapers;

D) Licensure or registration to practice the specialty occupation in a foreign country; or Achievements that a recognized authority has determined to be significant contributions to the field of the specialty occupation.

E) Achievements which a recognized authority has determined to be significant contributions to the field of the specialty occupation.

Submit an evaluation of the beneficiary's education by a reliable education credentials evaluation service which specializes in evaluation foreign education credentials.

Thank you very much for your time and help.

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Better to discuss these questions with your employer/ attorney rather posting in online forums. You are a Master's graduate; you must know most of the answers. They are in quite plain English.

Thanks for your reply......I understand that it is in plain english, I posted in online forum to check if anyone else had similar query, what their approach was and what was the processing time after the query was answered. My employer and attorney are working on it, but they are analyzing it in more details to avoid the chances of denial and my attorney said they are working on other clients who have deadlines lot earlier than mine. So, I just wanted to get some information from someone who already gone through all this.

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