Visa interview experience at Chennai on 29 May 2012


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I have been helped by so many other experiences posted on this forum, so I thought I'd share my experience in Chennai.

My situation:

EVC model

Have been in the US for 7+ years, with approved I140.

Have 4 visa stampings previously - including 2 for the current employer.

H1B approved for City A, working in City B (different client), but in the same state - 100 miles apart. Only LCA amendment filed, no H1B amendment done.

Got almost all possible documents that a visa officer might ask for - from Employer, Vendor, Client - of course except for H1B amendment. I was pretty nervous - because of the EVC model and the absence of an a H1B amendment for the new location/client.

10:00 PM before the night of the interview - realized that I had not printed the vfs visa appointment page (mistook the DS160 confirmation page for the same!) and got it printed in the lobby of the hotel I was staying in.

9:30 AM (1 hour before the interview) - realized that I had outgrown the collar of the only shirt I had for the interview. It was a while since I wore a tie. Still, forced it on and wore my tie over it - felt like somebody was grabbing at my throat all through the rest of the morning - which is kind of what the whole experience at the consulate is :P

Went to the consulate by 10:10 AM, appointment was at 10:30 AM. Dealt with the minions at the gates, the document verification counter and the fingerprinting counter and started the wait for the interview with the Visa Officer. Observed that most of the people there were parents, possibly wanting to visit their kids.

Finally, my number came up for the interview at about 11:30 AM.

Me: Good Morning Maam

VO: Good Morning. Could you hand me your I797and petition documents?

I handed over a bunch of documents - I had the full I129 application documents, new LCA etc filed together. I actually paid an attorney to look through the documents and give me an 'attorney verified' set of documents - in which he included the G28, I129, new LCA, Education Evaluation (I have an engg. undergrad degree from India). I don't know if that helped. VO went through the documents and possibly saw the difference between the location for where the visa was filed for and the new LCA.

VO: What is your work location?


VO: Who is your client?


VO: What do you do for your client?

Me: I provide consulting services using XXX software and XXX technologies.

VO: How long have you been working in XX state?

Me: Over 5 years, maam

VO: How long have you been with your employer?

Me: Over 4 years, maam

VO: What is your salary?


VO: Could you hand me your recent pay slips?

I handed them over.

VO: When did you come back to India?

Me: Yesterday, maam.

VO: Is there a vendor that you work through?


VO: Is that the only one?

Me: Yes, Maam.

VO: Thank you. Here's is a pamphlet explaining your rights as a worker in the United States. You will receive your passport with visa in 2 to 3 days.

Me: Thank you Maam.

I think the documents being organized and providing them quickly when asked, short to-the-point answers to questions, and also me having been with the same employer for a while might been factors. This is pure speculation though. Maybe the VO was just in a good mood.

Good luck!

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