221g Blue at Mumbai Consulate in Jan 2012


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I came to India in Jan. Went for visa stamping at Mumbai Consulate and got 221g Blue.

Its been 5 months so far. No update from consulate yet.

I have my car and other stuff in US.

I have lot of credit card bills.

I do not think I am getting my visa.

Is it possible for H1 transfer while my case is pending admin processing?

Its very hard to find sponsors from India.

Also as far as car and credit cards are concerned, I m getting calls from Bank to pay off the amount or they will take my car.

I guess its all over for me...I should sell my car and take the loan from India to pay off my debt.

Any one in similar situation?



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Hello San_Diego

Can you provide the details of your case.

Just so that you'll feel better I was stuck for 9 months in India. Although financially stable, I had no guarantee of coming back and car sat at one place during this time.

If you don't feel you won't make it to US, get rid of your car and stuff. Its painful. I know. I went through this. I had to literally beg people help me. I hope you got some good buddies back in US.

Yes I also tried hard to get the sponsors from India. Its tough. I stuck with the same employer which was kind enough although employer was irresponsible with visa issues.

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i know this is frustrating especially with Blue 221Gs as you cannot track down the status.

I would suggest your immigration lawyer in the US, email to the Mumbai US consulate, with copy of the form, your full legal name, your passport number, employer name and try to get the status. Lawyer will need to send in G28,the one he/she used when they filed for your h1b petition in US. Also stating that you provided requested documents, and the job requires you to be in US to meet the clients/employers demand etc..

i know if the lawyer emails the consulate, they would respond.

have you ever tried contacting the embassy earlier?

Meanwhile, are you working as a consultant? and through vendors or subvendors? if so you can always try to workout things with your vendor incase they are able to petition for your H1 status.

Waiting is not going to help, you should look at alternatives besides.

Good luck.

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