H1 Approved planning for H4 stamping


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I'm on H1.Last year my wife changed her status from H4-F1. She was working on CPT for an employer

for 6 months. This year, same company filed H1 for her and she got the approval with COS. Later

her CPT was denied for a quarter which was unknown to us and she continued working and due to

this her SEVIS was terminated.Then she left the US with in 3 days. Her H4 stamping is going to be

expired on Jun22 2012.I have H1 petition valid till Nov,2013. So considering the least risk

factor, i would like to know the best option for her to come back to US and start working from

OCT 1st.

Case1: How much is the risk factor if she goes for a H4 stamping when her H1 was approved and

SEVIS was terminated.

Case2: How much is the risk if she directly goes to H1b stamping.

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