Changing the employment display format in new PERM


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I am porting my GC process to EB2. I have cleared only till I-140 in my first GC application

I want to make changes in my new PERM to the way my employment history was listed in my old PERM. During my days as student, I worked in my college/university as Research Assistant under various departments.

In my old PERM application, each department was listed as a separate employer ( however, some time research institute doesn't employ directly but through your department. For example, I worked with a professor for a research institute within the college).

In Old PERM the employment history is listed like below:

1. Department A, XXX University May 01, 2004-June 15, 2005

2. Department B, XXX University June 16, 2005 - July 31, 2006

3. Department C, XXX University Aug 01, 2006 - September 30, 2007

In my new PERM I want to put it like this,

1. XXX University May 01, 2004 - Septem 30, 2007

a. Department A,

Project Description

b. Department B,

Project Description

c. Department C

Project Description

The reason I want to do this is because over these years many departments have merged or changed their names, and the professors and reseach scientists I worked with, have either left the university or went back to their respective countries.

By changing the way how employment is shown, it would be easier for me to get an overall employment verification letter from the university. It also the correct representation as I was employed by the university.

I am not using my college experience in my PERM filing anyways.

My question is that, would this be considered as illegal/fraudulent during the new PERM or I-485 filing, even though nothing has changed except the format. How does this impact my I-485 filing.



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