H1b New/Transfer after revokation


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Hi All,

Currently I am in India, Employer A has filed my H1b Visa in 2011 and I got it approved and stamped on my passport, Its valid till Oct, 2014. Now due to some family reason I was not able to travel to US on the H1b and joined the Employer A in US.

My employer said that he will not be able to wait for long as its order from Consulate that if someone is not using the H1b visa then it should be revoked. So, He revoked my Visa and said whenever you plan again to travel then he will file the new H1b visa.

1) Now the question if he files the H1b visa again or any other employer files the visa again then in that case he can file at anytime with CAP-EXEMPTION?

2) As my H1b is revoked but I have H1b approval notice and Visa stamped on my Passport then will I be eligible for CAP -EXEMPTION or not?

3) And when I get another H1b Approval notice in future then do I need to get fresh Stamping done as the Visa Number in the new Petition and Passport are different?

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