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I came to USA on H1B with company A. I was on H1B for 1 year. Later, same company(A) filed new L1B and I continued my stay after stamping. I am on L1B for 3 years.

My total stay both H1B L1B together is 4 years with 2 months gap in between.

My current L1B I94 is expiring by end of June. And L1B petetion and visa is expiring by end of July.

Another Company B is ready to file new H1B with CoS starting from July 1st.

If H1B is filed,

I have below questions.

1. Can I legally stay after I94 expiry (after Jun 30th)

2. Can I start working with employer B from July 1st even if the H1B is not approved by then?

3. If your answer is yes to above question, Can I start working with employer B before receipt number is generated?

Thanks in advance.

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