Work part time using EAD within first 6 months of getting EAD


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I got my EAD 2 months ago and am still working for my employer with whom i have my H1. Right now, i have an opportunity to work part time for a short period of time (3 weeks) for another consulting company. This is in addition to my current full time job with my present employer. Is this legal? Can i work extra for another consulting company using my EAD while maintaining my H1B status with my present employer? Please advice. Thanks for your time.

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Using the EAD will invalidate the H1-B. You have to chose wisely and can only use one at a time. It does not seem worth it. That said, you can have more than one H1-B employer at the same time but the "other" employer would have to file a petition for you and you are already counted against the cap. That is also not likely (or worth the effort for the employer for a short term job).

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