How many time can I port priority dates?


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I had my I-140 approved in EB3 from previous employer, A. My priority date is March 10, 2009. I changed my job to a new employer, B. The employer B has filed labor application on my behalf but my PERM is not approved yet. Now, I have an offer from employer C, which is an ideal company for my kind of work, pharamaceuticals

I have following 2 questions

  1. If I move to company C, will I be able port my priority dates from the PERM filed by employer A, in spite of changing my employment to employer B in between?
  2. If I wait for couple of months to join company C and in between get my I140 approved from employer B, with priority dates from my previous application. Which I140 (employer A or employer B) would I use to port the priority dates again with employer C? Can I still use my priority dates from first PERM, just in case employer B revokes green card application?

I will highly appreciate any response in this regard.



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