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Hello All,

My H1B is about to expire the end of this year and so is my present position at my employer (as it was subject to a two year contract only).. I am looking for job elsewhere but haven't had any luck yet. I was looking at my options and wanted some guidance.

1. Can I apply for a new H1B on my own without an employer sponsoring me, so that I can still be in status in the country ? is this possible ?

2. Before the completion of my OPT, my H1B got into effect and hence I didn't complete the 12 months of OPT. Can I go back to the OPT status ? Can I also apply for the 17th month extention to the same OPT ? My field of study is sciences..

3. Or should I switch to H4 (my husband has a valid h1b till 2015) and keep looking for job this way ?

Thank You for your help

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