Travelling with H1 transfer


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Here is the detailed scenario.

I entered to US in 2009 on H1 filed by company A. The I94 was valid till june2011.

I got married in Feb 2011 and got my spouse with me in Feb 2011, so her I94 was also valid till June2011.

Company A filed for extension in April 2011 and got an RFE and it was finally approved in October 2011.

I got an offer from Company B in october and the H1 transfer was approved and i Started working for company B from Nov 2011. H4 was also filed by company B. I was with company A till Novemeber.

Now we are planning to travel to India this november.

The question is, our stamped I94 were valid till June 2011 and the new I94s (which come with the approved I797) are valid till May 2014.

I do not have approved i797 copy for the extension which was filed by company A with me. I have the H1 transfer I797 with me.

Am I in any kind of risk?

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