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Hi Everyone, Recently I came to know through one of the college advisor, that if a student is enrolling for the double masters, She/he can can get CPT from day 1 if she/he fulfills all the requirements that meet the curriculum. I also came to know through one of the forum that if the course enrolling need practical experience, then , the student will have the eligibility to take the CPT from first semester itself. Is it acceptable. Please let me know.



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As far as my knowledge is concerned. CPT from the very first day of semester is not allowed.

CPT is given to a student when he/she completes atleast 75% of the course study and the remaining 25% will be the work done under CPT and some schools consider it as your final graduate project.

So working under CPT without attending the school may lead to deportation.

Correct me if I am wrong.

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CPT is for work as part of the curriculum only.

So, if a class requires that students get real-life experience about the class topic, then and only then can CPT be issued by the school.

That is a very rare thing.

And in fact, after TVU and ****, most universities are very reluctant to approved CPT.

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