RFE notice on I-485


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My details are here

PD- july-2009

I485- RD- Feb-15-2012

AP/EAD recieved APR-2-2012

FP - MAR-2012

I checked my status online on USCIS website, it shows RFE.

I have no idea what could be the reason.

I have tickets booked to INDIA in july.

Me and my attorney are waiting for RFE over a week.

We have reviewed the papers in great details for i-485 before sending over to uscis.

My attorney was saying that LIN center has hired lot of new officers and she has been getting much higher RFE's recently.

I did submit original birth certificate, medical was also ok,

i have not been out of status (as far as i know)

I am on H1B since Oct-2007. I have not gone out of country since 2006. I worked for the same employer. I was on CPT from Aug-15-2006 to Aug-10-2007 and on OPT for about month and a half.

Attorney says everything looks fine, but i am suspecting something on this line.

Has any one recently been seeing RFE's for cases filed in feb/march time. All my friends who filed before me says there is no movement in their cases.

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