Successful Stamping in Ottawa @ June 13th 10.45am - EC model


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Thanks one and all for updating this forum with there experiences which helped me in preparing mine.

Reached the consulate by 9.40am and went through security check went through the counter where we take the token numbers she asked me my passport and I797. Once done went to counter 4 for finger prints and done with that. Around 10.30 AM my number was called and went to counter 2(Chinese guy).

1) What's your title?


2) What's your role and responsibilities?


3) Whose your end client and do you have any vendors in btw?

A) no direct client

4) How big is your employer?

A) Small less than 50 employee's

5) Do you have any end client letter?

A) No but i have an email from my client which states that they can't issue letters unless and until they receive a request from consulate he went through that print out email which i have given.

VO: your visa is approved

Good luck to all !!!

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