Same client different employer -- First time H1 stamping (MS student)


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I am MS student on H1 after completing OPT-extn now planning for H1 stamping.

My Senario. I have a H1 transfer on the same project.

Client A -- Prime Vendor B -- Emp C -- First H1 with Emp C

Client A -- Prime Vendor B -- Emp D -- H1 transfer to Emp D


Please suggest or answer based on your experience:

1) Can I go to Canada for my H1 stamping ..?

2) Is it advisable to go to Canada for this scenario...?

3) What kind of questions can I expect for the above scenario .?

4) what is possible answer if VO asks: how come you are working for a longer duration with your client ..?

5) Cances of getting 221G.

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