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Will i be eligible go for H1B Visa stamping in Canada?

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Hi There, I have entered USA in Aug 2007. I have lost all my documents including my passport. I have filled a police complaint and then applied for passport in SFO, CA. I have got my passport but it does not have Visa stamped in it. I have applied for all my other documents in india, and have all of them now. I have completed my MS and worked on OPT for 2 years, have not been to india, in a fear if i do not get my visa i need to stay back. I have applied for and have recieved my H1B from November 2011, currently am working on my H1B, still i do not have visa in my passport. I am worried to go India and attened visa. I wanted to go to Canda and get my H1B visa stamped. But am worried if US Consulate in Canada might ask for my Old passport with Visa, i just have photocopies and a police compliant. Is it really risky to go canda to apply for H1B visa in my case..? Please help me with your valuable suggestion.

Your help is highly appreciated.

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Your case sounds unique to me. If I were you, I would go to India for H1 stamping. It sounds like a pretty good case for an RFE in any other country (Canada or Mexico). If the client is supportive, I don't see why you would not go to India for stamping and hope your visa is approved right away. Talk to your attorney but wish you well!

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Hello All,

I have the same scenario. my passport was stolen and now I have new job offer I dont know how I can proceed any information regarding this will be very valuable.

Thanks in advance.

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