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Paystubs with different hourly rates

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HI All,

I am on EVC Model as of now. since I am in Consulting and as i move to clients, I get different hourly rates at different clients. So my paystubs are now with different different hourly rates.

Is that going to be a problem when i go for Stamping.

Please help me.

Thank you.

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I think there should be gradual increase in your pay that too in a periodical basis. There are chances that they can ask you if your pay is fluctuating.

And also once your pay is increased it should not become less than that amount.

I might be wrong.

Its safe to do a research on this for you.

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I was asked the same question about inconsistencies on my paycheck a couple of years ago when I went for my stamping. I just told the visa officer that, my employer pays out incentives and bonuses from time to time (on a periodic or random basis) and the inconsistencies reflect just that. You may want to answer in a similar fashion if asked.

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Technically what is happeining is not correct and if this bought into the attention of consulate they will put you on administrative processing or even reject you. This can be bought into the attention of the consuller if he decides to look at you last few paystubs during your interview. He will see inconsistency and will definitely ask you. Really honeslty, in todays date people working for fortune 100 companies and with clear paperwork are dealing with administrative processing that is taking months to resolve.... If i were you, I would try to work with the employer and ask them to start giving me consistent pay of lets say 100,000/yr and the extra that you earnt maybe give that as a bonus or something on seperate paycheck. Work it out with the employer. Technically it is unethical...

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