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White form and respond to questionnaire

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Hi Guys, I appeared for my visa interview on April 16th and the VO after asking basic questions, gave me a white form and marked respond to the email from consulate. She kept mine and my wife's (H4) passports and said the sooner I respond to the questionnaire in the email sooner the visa will be processed. Its almost a month now and my case is still pending. I have a common muslim name and I already went thru this azdministrative processing in 2010 and waited for 11 months. And now again.

Anybody in the same situation. Please respond guys. Its a hope looking at the timeframes everybody waited in this kind of situation.



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Guys please respond if someone have been asked to respond to the questionnaire through email from consulate? How much time do they take to process these kind of visa issues? any one in same situation?

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The questionnaire is just an email from the consulate asking for Name, parent's name, DoB, U.S. contact, U.S.degrees, all basic information that we submit in DS form. Wonder what they want to cross verify.

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I got the same questionnaire and it took me 4 months to get visa approved.

When did you appear for your interview? Was it because of your name that you got this? Also, is this same as administrative process or is something different? any idea. Thanks.

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