Visa stamped after 221g(5 months) - changed EVC to EC


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Hello All,

After 5 months visa is approved and back to US.

When for vacation in India ..went for stamping ..on model EVC .. Delhi consulate .

Asked following questions :

Following are questions :

1) who is your employeer

2) you work for employer or Client ?

3) if client then which client and what is the address .

4) is he direct client if not who is in between ?

5) they ask letter from employer to uscis.

6) how you communicate with employer manager

7) who took your interview employer or client?

8) when you took days off to whom you communicated -- client or employer?

9) did ur employer gave traning ?

And Vo told me if I want to think abt my future and all i should change my employer .. and after 1 month i recd letter that my case is sent back to uscis .

~~~SO I changed my employer to vendor . ...and went again for interview Delhi consulate ..


Q: Which Company are you working for

Q: is it small company ,how many employess ?

Q:Where you will be sitting onsite Or Offsite ?

When I said..I will be sitting at my employer place ..she asked me

Q: is it internal project ? Ans :I said I will be working for and at employer but giving services to client.

Q: She again ask ..SO you will be sitting at your employer place ?

Ans : Yes

Q: what is you role/responsibilty ?

Q: where is your employer situated ?

ANs ....

Q:What is the highest Qualification?

Ans : MS in CS

She took my passport and kept all documents ..

Q: Is USCIS Letter in the documenst

Ans Yes .

I asked her do i need to call or mail consulate to get the status ..she said No..We will let you know ..

Then She said if it get approved we will send it in 5 days ...Then after 1 month WAIT... I got my visa stamped .

~~~~Please let me know if any one has any questions ...will be happy to help ...

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