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Successful visa stamping at Chennai consulate

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Hi All

I had my visa stamped successfully at the Chennai consulate. Below are my details

Work Model: EE

Visa: H1-B

Some tips before going to the consulate

1) There are two lines outside the consulate. The one to the left is the general line where people assemble. The one on the right is has people in the next appointment slot. The security people call for the specific interview times and ask them to move from the general line to the right side line

2) There is no first come first serve so going there well ahead of time is of not much use

3) Do not carry any electronics with you. The website mentiones cellphones but photo CDs are also not permitted and so are flash drives etc

4) If you carry those inside by mistake, the security staff ask you to deposit those at a small shop at the end of the left line and you can re-enter without waiting again. Its no big deal but saves you some anxious moments


VO: Asked for the documents. The VFS staff will put together all the requred docs (I-797, Appointment letter, LCA, I-129) before we go tot he actual interview room

VO: Looked at the documents and asked who i work for. Asked me if i work directly for the employer or the client. I told them i am direct employee

VO: Explain your role

Me: I briefly explained my role.

VO: Asked for my company's location, name of the CEO etc

Me: Gave all the answers

VO: Checked something for a while

VO: Your visa is approved and it will be sent by courier

VFS status was showing as 'You passport is under process at US Embassy/Consulate'

This status did not change for 10 days. I was a little worried but some forums suggest that a lot of people experience the same delay. My suggestion is you appear for the visa interview as soon as possible that way not having to postpone any travel plans in case of delay in receiving the passport

Good luck to all!

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I received my passport on April 10th, 11 days after the interview. The status on VFS website changed sometime on the 9 th afternoon

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@h1 b stamping pending - did u receive ur passport? If so after how many days

My interview was on 12th and yet to receive passport, slightly worried

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