H1B transfer to new Employer ???


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My Case: EC Model

Master's :Aug'2007-Dec'2008

Opt :Jan'2009-Sep'2009

First H1B:Oct'2009-Sep'2012

Currently i am working with prime vendor(A employer) and direct client.

I am planning to apply my h1 transfer in April'2012 to B employer which in turn owned by A employer with different name.This change is

mainly for getting my EB3(having approved I-140 with A employer) to EB2(B Employer) green card porting.In case Upon successful transfer

i will be in the same project same location but EVC modal. In that case how would be my stamping chances and what would be kind of questions i can face?

I can ext my H1B with A employer it self if the chances of stamping are narrow and once returning from stamping i can thinking of the EB3 to EB2 porting.

Now I am planning to Visit India and get stamping done which is first time with H1b extended.

Missing 4 paystubs in 2009 where i was in bench at that time on OPT. Except that I got all the paystubs till date.

Now If I go for stamping in the next two months what are the possible questions I am going to face during a Visa Interview.

Please help me out in this situation. Thanks a lot in advance.

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