I-140 approved 7th year of H1B


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I completed my 6 yrs in H1 in 2012. I have approved I-140 and my H1 got extended to 3 more years.

I am looking forward to change my job.

What I want to know is,

1. if I change my job. is it possible to use the same priority date with my new employer's GC process?

2. My current employer is processing my GC in EB3. my new employer accepted to process my GC in EB2. so I want know, if i can still use the priority date when the processing type changes.

3. Generally speaking..what are the chances of my current employer revoking my I-140 ?

4. What are the documents i would need from my current employer, for the porting of the priority date during I-140 stage with the new employer ?


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Should i consider notifying my current employer of leaving only after i get a the approval of the H1B filed by the new employer or can i notify and leave my current employer and start workign for new employer, once the H1B application is filed by the new employer and a receipt is received.

i plan to get the H1B filed by the new employer in premium. what would happen if the H1b application filed by the new employer gets denied ? can i still stay back with my current employer in case he has not cancelled my existing H1B yet ?

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