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Hi all,

I have below questions.

1) I'm in US now on H4. If I'm applying for Change of Status from H4 to H1 and asssume that my H1 got approved immediately using premium processing then can I start working from very next day after approval or should wait till Oct.

2) My previous H1B application was reaffirmed by USICS but my employer did not receive re-affirmed notice. So can I start working on that. If so whats the procedure.

Please suggest.



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I was on h1 , got 221g (due to no client letter) during stamping in Canada. I re-entered US on H4. Now my H1 has be reaffirmed .My client has a position which needs to be filled in immediately and is willing to take me, however will not be ready to issue a client letter. Can I start working immediately after COS has been applied, or do I need to wait for this approval as well ? Is H1b reaffirmation enough to start working again.


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