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Again 221G for passport submission thru VFS

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does any one know where can we pick up 221 that is issued thru VFS to submit the passport?

i attended chennai conuslate for visa......status of my case says as above.......can someone please let me know.


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@h1bvsa   Did you get the passport submission request,if so can you please tell me when it was and what mode was the notification?

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Hello VisaBlues,

i was told that i am issues 221G again on paril2nd for passport submission, when spoke to chennai consulate on phone.

dono which VFS to pick that doc from.....no email confirmation yet, been a week(since apr 2nd).

vfs folks has no info with them about this.

if anyone has gone thru the same , please share ur exp....thanks

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@h1bvsa  I guess they might have sent it to your home address otherwise call Hyd/Chennai vfs.Can you share you interview experience I am in the same situation with 221g Blue AAP in Chennai .In my case my petition documents were returned back to me along with passport with only client letter taken with them.

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this is what i recieved from infouschennai@vfshelpline.com when enquired about my case status.

"your application is pending the submission of your passport, please submit it to the nearest VFS Centre."

am i going to get stamped on this?

all my docs were reteeianed by VO only passport was given back to me at the interview.

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