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I am being sponsored by my college for an EB1 application. We are filling 140/485 concurrently. My college has designated a law firm to represent applications, at the applicant's cost. I have been dealing with the most senior lawyer for a while, discussing my case with him. However, recently I realized that my case was transferred to a Legal Assistant just recently turned a lawyer (he just received his law license about two years ago,though has been working at the firm for about 8 years). It was this new lawyer who signed all my application forms, instead of the senior lawyer. I do have questions about the way this lawyer has filled some of the forms, and I am not sure, I am too comfortable. There are few typographical and factual errors on some of the forms, which can be corrected easily.

1. When you are represented by a firm, do I have a case to complain about this representation - doesn't it imply that there have to be only one lawyer on record?

2. Does it mean that the junior partner's work is supervised by the senior lawyer?

3. I am paying for the services, so don't I deserve the best representation I can get?

4. Whom do I raise this issue with, my college administration or the lawyer?

Sincerely, Punda

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You need to contact the senior partner and explain that you have found errors that should not have been there. Usually, that does the trick to elevate the case. Generally, you hire a law firm, and they will manage the workload within the firm - although sometimes you may hire an individual attorney. In many cases, EB petitions are prepared by not even lawyers by paralegals (who can be very skilled at that - or not). Also, you are the client of the firm regardless of who pays them because they represent you on your case (I don't think they will have to represent the university at any point in an EB1 process), so you may complain. At this point, this is benign enough to resolve within the firm. If some bad errors are made that lead to an unfavorable outcome, you may complain to the bar association of the state where the attorney representing you (the individual) is licensed. As far as the college is concerned, you should let them know that you did not have the best experience with the law firm, so they should consider withdrawing their endorsement. However, sometimes an issue is that there is only one immigration law firm in town, and the college wants to work with a local attorney.

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