7th Year Ext in less than 2 months, Lawyer applied for copy of I140 and other issues


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My H1 is expiring on May 31st 2012. Till now my employer kept saying that they didn't receive my I140 approval after filling it in 2008. When recently I talked to the lawyer he checked and told me they had never received the approved original documents from USCIS and they had missed to file duplicate copy.

So now they have filed for duplicate copy last week.

My labor has been approved more than 1 year now.

I am working as a contractor in a well known investment bank and they are not providing client letter to my employer.

According to my employer if I don't get the client letter my extension request will be rejected.

What options do I have?

1. Can my approved labor be used to file for my extension? (in which case i will get only 1 year extension)

2. Is there any other document that my employer can use instead of Client letter?

3. Am I in a BIG mess here?

4. in worst case, what can I do to continue staying in US if My extension is rejected?

Please help



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You can get a 1 yr extension based on the approved PERM.

Not everybody gives a client letter but you should be able to provide the documents that address everything from employee-employer memo from 2010 to prove your case.

Every contractor working just like you is going through the same mess, you are not alone.

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