inputs regarding marriage on Approved EAD/AP & pending 485


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Hello everyone,

I am in a situation and need some inputs from you all.

My case:

single EB2 petition. no dependents.

priority date: June 2008

Receipt date : Feb 2nd 2012

Approved EAD&AP: March 7th 2012

485: still no update

I am on H1b which will be ending September 2012.

Now that we all know that there wont be any more 485 approvals after Aug2007 priority date, I am considering to getting married soon this year. I want to know my options regarding this.

1. I still continue to be on H1 and file for my H1 extension, go to india get married, file for my spouse's H4, comeback and include her in my 485 application.

the above would work if my 485 does not get approved while inthe above process.

but what happens if my 485 gets approved before marriage?

2. Not to extend my H1b. and go to India on my EAD.

in this case, I guess I can get married but cannot get her back to usa.maybe on a h1b visa and apply for her 485

Are there any more options for my situation.

before I contact an attorney regarding this, the inputs from you will help me what questions I need to ask the attorney.

Best of luck on your Greencard journey.


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