H1 Transfer - Need Help


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Hi All,

My H1 is stamped in Chennai March 2011 for the employer A. Few months before i quit Company A and joined other company B because there was no onsite with company A. Company B told that they have immediate onsite and they can send me US in 5 weeks time. But after joining Company B they are saying they don't have onsite requirements in project as of now.

Only if they have requirements they can get client letter and then they can start my transfer it seems. Since there is no requirement they are not ready to go ahead with my transfer. My visa will expire on July 2013. I doubt whether they will send me onsite within this 1 year.

I wanted to know whether i can travel to US with my existing H1. But my employer will be company A. Is it acceptable. Please let me know what can i do in this situation.



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