First Time H1B Stamping experiences in Canada


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Hello Friends,

I've been going through the forum and a lot of people are going/have been to Canada for H1B stamping (F1 to H1) and there are some good suggestions and experiences shared. I'd like to present my case scenario and request you guys to post you suggestions that would help in my preparation or visa interview.

I'm planning to go for H1B visa interview in Canada (Vancouver).

My case is EVC model

I've done Masters in US

F1 to H1B (H1 started in May 2011 with 3 yr validity; didn't change the Client or location after H1B got approved),

Have been working with the same client since almost 2 years now. I can get both Client and Vendor letters.

How is the situation in recent days? I've heard US Embassy's in Canada also started 221g and other queries these days, not all cases are getting Visas approved.

Please share your valuable responses/suggestions and experiences. Much appreciate your time.

Thank You.

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