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Hi all

My H1b visa interview was on 7th March 2012. The VO asked me few question regarding the client and my employment. He gave me a 221g white with "Admin process required" checked and a case number. The case number was showing from the next day online.

Yesterday I checked and it says " We were not able to identify Case # XXXXXXX-XXX-X, Please make sure you have entered your case number correctly."

I am worried plz let me know what could be the reason

Thanks a lot in advance for your cooperation

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As I type this post, You guyz might have already figure out that the error has gone and you can track your status online. It happned to me as well and not mention on the same dates. Started showing the status the next day thats 5th. Well I attended interview (EC - Fulltime) on 3rd Feb and did not get any responce yet.

@cna - please keep us all posted.

Best of luck,


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