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Hello Everybody:

Currently I am working with Company A on 17 month's OPT extension since last 5 months.

Status with Company A: Company A has filed my H1B petition(first time) on 2nd April, 2012.

Status with Company B: I got a job offer letter from Company B. I am willing to join Company B and Company B is willing to do H1B for me. Company B knew that I already filed H1B petition with Company A.

I do have following Questions:

At this stage I can NOT ask to delay my H1B petition with Company A. (I want to switch over job after at least 1 H1B in hand) At the same time Company B is asking me to send documents for H1B filing.

Before I take this decision to send documents to Company B , I have couple of questions for you.


Case 1) Company A and B has filed my H1B petition and both are received by USCIS. Considering both are in process.

Q) Will this be an issue to get approval for either company? ( influencing each other petitions)

Case 2) Company A H1B has been approved.

Company B H1B application is in process

Q) Will my Company A approval will be cancelled? once USCIS receive Company B petition?

Case 3) Company B H1B has been approved ( due to premium processing)

Company A H1B application is in process ( due to regular processing)

Q) Will my company B approval will be cancelled? because company A application is coming later in process?

If yes, will we have a chance to cancel Company A application by contacting USCIS?



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