H4 to H1B (full time) - Visa stamping in India


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My wife came to the US on H4 visa in 2010. She got a full time job in big hospital in their IT team as a Programmer Analyst and started working since Oct 2011. The hospital sponsored her H1B visa. She does not have a US masters degree. She is planning to go to India for a visit and I believe she will have to get her H1B visa stamped.

Can anyone suggest if there are any risks during stamping in India (Hyderabad) as she had transfered from H4 to H1B without a Masters degree from US. Her employer had provided with all the documetns including the company's tax documents.

Please share your experiences if anybody were in a similar situation and suggest whether it is a good idea to go for a India trip with her visa situation.

Any help/suggestion would be greatly appreaciated.


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It is not mandatory to have a US masters to get H1b. I would assume that she officially changed status to H1 in US and not working on H4. As long as there is all required documentation in place and the employer is fair and square, things should fall in place. rest is all depends on how the interview goes in the day.

Best of luck!

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