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221g Blue chennai Tracker

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Hi All,

Whoever struck in 221g with Blue AAP at Chennai please update your case and your current status to help us track the status



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Not blue.. but green...

I guess there is no much diff wit colours.. all admin checks..

interview date 1st march 12- chennai- 1st time H1B - internal proj- direct hire..

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221g blue feb 01 @chennai, no updates .....waiting.

@spe, hi, can u please eloberate ur interview? were u given green even for direct hire?

im planning similar to u

direct hire to a company that has inhouse proj with 300 employees, 2 million net income etc...

your visa intvw exp and inputs helps a lot.


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@spe is it true that colouts make no difference?I was wondering bcz I heard usually for cases with blue verification will be done from KCC so take longer time,Green will be admin processing from consulate?.Also can you share your interview experience?

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@h1bvsa looking at your case I would suggest to wait for some more time for the result.I saw few of the similar cases who attended interviews in Dec,Jan got cleared ,Even If you transfer into in house project thru the vendor for in house project there will be chances for 221g again;can you please share your interview exp?

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221g Green - Admin Processing, Chennai Consulate on Jan 30 2012 ... still waiting

i was a direct hire to a company that has inhouse proj. My employer has sister companies, my client letter was from company A and my h1 was from Company B (both A& B are sister companies). VO asked whether both of them are same or not ..I showed him both are same in LCA but could not show him valid letter from US government. After this question he handed me my passport back.

Legally both of them are same company

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Yes white n pink is diff.. it is quite dangerous.. all other colours like green blue has no much diff..it takes time ti process...

Yes i m direct hire to X company.. internal project.. only 50 employees.. n 5 million income..

I have put my interview details in some other topic in same forum..

me n my husband both went together... me h1 n my husband for h4

interview was gud n simple questions were asked..

- name of the petitioner

-where r u going?

- ur highest qualification

- which proj ur working

- ur designation?

-explain abut ur proj

for my husband he asked

- name of father in lw mother in lw

- my dob

- my birthplace

- marriage date..

v answered well with confident.. but later he asked to submit tax returns.. employee list.. Itinerary of service.. by giving 221g..

i had all asked doc wit me.. so submitted there itself.. find the below docs submitted


DS 160




Offer letter

Notice of job opening

Employee list in the company

Itinerary of service

Employee agreement

Letter to US consulate Chennai, to issue visa

Project manual

Tax returns 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

its 5 weeks now... still waiting..

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Hi All,

I would like to thank this forum for educating me on lots of things.

Im also on the same boat,

got 221G AAP checked from chennai,

my interview was on 22nd march.

VO kept all docs but returned my PP.

any inputs guys?

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Mine is EC model i think coz i dont have any middle vendor as such and my company --> client.

Visa experience was as usual all standard questions,about company,degree,experience,location of work,reporting to.It took almost 1 hour + as 2 VO's did my interview. After that they collected all the doc's and returned my PP. Gave a blue slip with AAP checked.

Please let me know if you have any idea whats next, how long would it take for a decision.

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I got a mail from VFS, they sent back all the doc's taken during interview and along with it a blue form ticked with AP and bottom written > Submit Passport.

May i know what does this mean?

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Hi Neil81

Even i had my visa experience similar to you, it was on march 12.

Till now i did not receive any updates, Can you please provide your contact or email to me at mekumar4all@gmail.com

(if you comfortable). Did you receive any email from VFS or Chennai consualte? or just a postal mail from VFS?

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I received a postal mail from vfs, went ahead and submitted ppt as written in the blue form.I guess Chennai consulate don't send emails as far as my understanding(correct me if i'm wrong). Its Hyderabad consulate that send emails to submit passport. And it varies from consulate to consulate. This is my understanding reading cases on this forum.

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I need some advice from guys who regularly visit this forum and also people who have similar experiences. Let me discuss my case.

Last year April 2011 i came for Visa stamping on a my H1B from F1. I went to hyd consulate.. and they gave me a 221G yellow and after 2 months the denied my H1B. Employment model : EVC

In oct 2011 I again went for my second interview , this time I got a new job , Model : EC, VO asked me questions regarding where will i be working and I mentioned 2 places ... which was the same written in LCA, he again gave me a 221G blue ... I lost that job in nov.. but no update from consulate till date...

Again March 2011 I got another job offer , I applied for visa , this time Chennai consulate .. when to visa interview on April 16th 2012 ,

Model : EC.

VO asked me general questions like what will be my salary and whom will i be working , interview was for just 3-4 mins. VO looked in her screen and told me to wait and took all related documents and said would call me again.

They called me after 4 hrs to the window and gave me 221G blue again.. and said would require further check . Now my case doesnt show up in the Chennai PDF file which is updated daily...

Experts please advice.. any contact information that i can contact the consulate and what are my chances of approval.

thanks !!

Kishan. ( Kishanahuja@gmail.com )

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@kishanla I had the same experience when I went to the chennai consulate on 17 Feb for my 2nd interview after 1st rejection in Kolaktta.VO looked into the screen after asking few questions and asked me to wait for some time,then gave me 221g Blue saying needs some additional processing.Still now no updates after that.

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huh...4 hrs !!

As you mentioned you got a 221g - Blue, your case number wont be there on Chennai consulate pdf, all you can do is wait for a response from consulate. Other than that you wont see any update anywhere else. you can write an email to Chennai consulate for an update but all you get is a standard format of response like "your case requires admin processing".This is from my experience.

Please let us know if your docs were returned back or they kept?

well chances of approval...i guess no expert can tell you that. But keep in faith.

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Hi Neil81

Was your interview taken by 2 indian women? Because mine was taken by 2 indian women, just wanted to know if both of our cases were handed to same people or to different people? And also do you mind to tell if you were carrying the client letter with you during your interview.

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@ Neil81

They took all the documentation..

viz :

- client letter

- annual report

- offer letter by my employer

- my w2's

- whole joining package which my employer gave me


- I 129

- Master agreement between client and my employer.

Documents they returned :


I 797 , Ds confirmation page and passport. with 221G blue form with AAP checked.

keeping my fingers crossed. and All the best to everyone here..

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Nope not two indian women VO's, but one interview in the main counter where VO asked few questions then asked to wait for their call and the other one on the right side where you take a right turn. that was more detailed ,slow interview taken by Indian VO.

yes,I had all the required documents from my employer and client. VO didn't ask for any additional doc's


All the best!

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Hi All,

I got my Visa approved, Wish you all guys here who are waiting with 221g - success.

Thanks @VisaBlues,@SaiKrish50,@Kishanla and all the best!

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