Questions for I-140 & I-485 Stage


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My category is EB2 so the date is current for me so after my premium processing of I-140 which my lawyer says takes 15 days I will apply for the I-485. I was curious about a few things if anyone has any experience with this please share. If a lawyer can share that would be good too.

  1. Exactly when does H1 stop? Is it when the I-140 or I-485 is approved or when the GC actual is received in the mail? My H1 is with Employer A and my PERM is done by Employer B so I was curious when I can stop working for Employer A with whom I currently have H1.
  2. How soon can one change a job after the GC arrives? I will not be applying for EAD because my date is current.
  3. How long does the I-485 take for approval?
  4. After the I-485 is approved how long will it take for GC to come in the mail?

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Thanks for the info. I ask about the H1 ending date because I will get my GC before my H1 expires. I just wanted to figure out when stop my job with employer A with whom I have my H1 and when to start working for employer B who is filing my PERM.

My date as per visa bulletin is current.

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