H1B stamping for Muslim Names in CANADA?


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I had an interview on Feb 24 @vancouver and the VO issued Admin processing and said would take 2 weeks.No documents asked and said admin processing has nothing to do with petition or education..iam still waiting to hear from them...

to my knowledge in the last 2 months 1 more guy (muslim name)came here for H1b and both of us got admin processing ,however the other guy got it in 2 weeks i guess tht was bcz it was his second time admin processing... thts my guess....so be prepared...inshaAllah allah will make it easy for all of us...

mine is EVC and F1 to H1.I dont think tht really matters.

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Hi All,

I appeared for my first time H1 on 23rd of April at 10:00 AM in Vancouver, Canada.

It was lady this time. She asked for all my papers, LCA/Petition/MS certs/W2/Paystubs/ClientLetter/Employer Letter. Then she looked at me for few seconds and gave a white form saying "Admin Processin" and wrote 221g on my appmnt confirmation page. She said i don't need to provide any more documents as they are good.

She said they would need more time to evaluate my petition and cannot determine how much time is it gonna take. I probably was prepared to hear this as having muslim common name is sure to get admin processing no matter what documents you provide. I was not asked for additional documents but sure will be asked to wait for next 2 to 3 weeks here.

I don't mind until they will approve my visa :)

Please be prepared to stay for atleast 3 weeks if not 2. Mine is an EVC model, F1-H1B, first time stamping.

Vancouver is no good as being told as most of them are getting 221G since April 1st.

Please share how much time did it take for you all on. in terms of working days. And does it do any good to contact them as most of them say they will not respond to that question of status.

Good Luck.

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