H1B 7th year stamping-Hyderabad


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Company Details: MNC

BEP Program

Team Size:80

7th yr-8th yr extension,140 approved.


Interview date:March 30th, 8.15am


Myself and my wife attended our H1b extension stamping and it went very smooth for both of us.

my current visa is till May 4th and my extension is till dec 2013, so at window 1 they have written dual petition and both petitions as verified.Went to window 9 for finger prints and took token number. After 5mins wait my number is called at window15.not sure if there is seperate way to window 12 and beyond or we have to walk past the pathway where windows 1-10 r located and interviews are going on at those windows.

Me: GM Sir, How are you and handed over the docs.(Passport,hdfc receipt,797 copies,DS160,BEP letter)

VO: Good Morning

After that VO is busy checking my ds-160 in his computer, i thought he is going through my old visa expiry date and new extension petiotion start date and other details, for 2 mins he is going through the documents and there is no talk for tht 2 mins.

VO:OKay which place ur going

Me: xx city, yy state

VO:Which end client your are working

Me: zzzz

VO:How many employees your company has at this client


VO:whhom do you report to

me: provided my company manager name

VO:Does he work in same location

me: yes he works in same building in which i work, and his designation is xxx

VO:How many employess report to him


VO:Are you married

me:yes for xx yrs

VO:you should get ur passport in 3-5 business days.

my spouse works for same company and client, there are additional questions for her if she is reporting to me and what is her role,whom she reports.

no documents are asked and both of us are out of embassy by 9am.

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