H1B validity question


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I am working on L1-B visa. Validity 2008 to 2013. However I only started working on L1 from 2009 till date (2012).

I have received an admit from a school for MBA and I plan to apply for a change of status from L1B to F1.


After I graduate from school and find an employer to sponsor my H1B visa, what would be the validity (duration) of the H1B visa especially considering my prior work history on L1B visa. Can my work history with L1B visa reduce the validity of new H1B?

According to one of the immigration specialist, the validity of H1B will be 6 years minus the time spent on L1B.

If this is the case, What would be the time spent on L1B? Total duration of visa L1B or just the time period I stayed in US? i.e. 5 years or 3 years?

thank you.

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