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Here is my situation. I was on F1 and graduated in Summer 2011. My OPT started from July 2011, initially I worked as unpaid intern for a company from which I did not get any offer letter/letter saying that I worked for them. Recently, I found a full-time position with another company which is ready to file my H1B in 2013 quota.

My question is, since I do not have a letter from my previous company (proof that I worked for them)will there be any problem with my H1B petition.?

Also my husband is planning to file I485 for him and me as his derivative (his PD is June 2010... We are not expecting it to be current anytime soon) but if it becomes current and we file for I485, do we also need to include letter from my previous employer where i did my internship?

thanks in advance!

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