how to start using EAD?


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Hi, I am on 7th yr H1B. My NIW/EB2 priority date May 2008 was current in Feb 2012 visa bulletin. I filed I485/I765/I131, done FP and have received EAD/AP. I don't think I will get the green card before the dates retrogress next month.

I am interested in applying for a federal fellowship which requires permanent residency. Do you think the EAD makes me eligible? If it does, what do I have to do to get off the H1b and get on the EAD?



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I don't think you will be eligible for the fellowship with EAD. You need to look into the rules more closely - is the fellowship government supported, so only PRs can apply? Then no. Does the fellowship need an unrestricted work authorization? Then, yes, EAD provides that.

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