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I have been working for Company A which has started my GC Process. I have I-140 approved in Jun 2011 from Company A with PD Mar 2010. As Company A is not performing well i have moved to moved to Company B in Jun 2011. My H1B transfer is completed and Labor is applied with Company B. I have got my H1B approval till May 2012. Now as my PD is current in Mar with my previous employer Company A, i have good terms with him and he said he will not cancel my I-140 and will support for my I-485.

My Questions are:

1) I have applied for my I-485 with Company A on Mar 25, 2012 with supporting letter for future employment from Company A and latest paystubs from Company B. Will it cause any issue/RFEs?

2) Will my I-485 with Company A denied as im currently working with Company B??

3) What happens to my I-485 if my previous employer Company A closes its operations before my EAD or I-485 approved??

4) Can i still use the PD with Company B even if Company A closes its operations??

5) I need to file for my H1B extn with Company B in April 2012. Will it cause any issue as i have applied for my I-485 with Company A?

Need help/suggestions ASAP.


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My original I-140 petition was filed in EB3 category with a PD of August 2003. The I-140 (EB3) was approved in 2007 and I filed 485s for myself and my family (spouse and two children) in July 2007 when all PDs became current.

After waiting 9 yrs with a sick mother that cannot make the journey from India to the US, I filed a EB1A (extra-ordinary ability) petition by myself (without an attorney) this January and received approval a couple of days ago. The approval has ported my August 2003 PD to the current filing therefore my case is current based on Processing times at NSC (485s transferred to NSC from TSC in 2009 or so). In my EB1A I-140 application I listed my spouse and both my children and checked the box that they are all applying for AOS.

I am unsure of my attorneys motives in my case and therefore would like to know -

1. Can I send the interfile letter to NSC and TSC by myself or does USCIS require that the attorney engaged for the filing can only send it?

2. If the G-28 azttorney can only file the letter, how do I go about to remove the attorney?

3. Does USCIS not take up the 485s by itself since the PD and the A# of the old application are ported?

Thank you all for your help!


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