Urgent: H1Visa & I94 Expiring in 2 days- Need Advice


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Hi All,

My H1B Visa & I-94 are expiring on April 1st 2012.

My employer has not submitted LCA till now for the reason being it should be posted in my client location for 10 days and only then they can submit it. The 10th day of LCA posting is on 29th of March. So, they will be submitting the LCA on 30th of March which being a Friday. The other twi days (March 31st & Apr 1st) are non-working days.

What is the chances of getting it approved?

Do I have any other ways to be choosen in these 2 days (29th & 30th of Mar).I could see the below options available

1) Apply for I-539 today itself (H1 to H4 COS, my wife is on H1). If my above mention extension gets filed on time, can I withdraw my COS application?

Since my i-94 is expiring on April 1st, isn't this too late for applying for COS?

2)Find for an employee who can file LCA today itself.

Is this possible for a new employee to file an extension for me in this short notice?

Please advice me at the earliest...I came to US to fulfill my responsibilities and it's been just 1 year since I stayed here...kindly help me

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