L1 to H1 Change Of Status Issue


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Came to US in 2008 Feb on L1 visa for Company A. My L1 expiry date was Dec 10 2010. Company A applied my L1 extension in Dec 2010. Meanwhile, company B offered to sponsor my H1B (change of status) and it got approved on Dec 12 2010. But since my L1B extension was applied I stayed in L1B for sometime and moved to Company B on Mar15 2011. I did not change my company since then and did not get my H1 Visa stamped yet and Below are my questions,

i) Was my stay in Company A for 92 days after H1B COS approval is illegal and termed as Unauthorized employment?

ii) Will that affect my H1B stamping in home country?

iii) Will that affect H1B transfer process, if I decide to move another company C?

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