Concurrent filing for H1b extension and H1b transfer


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Hi All,

This is my situation.

I got my first H1b petition approved through a company A back in October 2006 and I have stayed in USA for the following periods on my H1b visa.

02-24-2007 to 05-23-2008

06-27-2008 to 11-13-2009

02-13-2010 to 10-20-2011

11-26-2011 to Till date

Now, i have my I94 valid till end of Sep 2012.

>Company A wants to file for my extension now to recapture the period of stay outside US (6-7 months).

>Company B is willing to file for my H1b transfer in a premium mode and also has promised to process my Green Card immediately.

So my question is that, is it ok to file for my H1b extension through Company A and H1b transfer through Company B at the same time. This is just to make sure i have a backup just incase i have a problem with my transfer. Please note my I94 is valid for another 6 months.

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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  • 2 months later...

Thank you very much Immigration seeker.

So this is what happened -

i. Company A filed for my H1b extension on a regular mode.

ii. A week later company B filed for my H1b transfer + Extension in a premium mode.

iii. I got my H1b transferred through company B within a week and also got an extension of 10 months which is till 01-Aug-13.

Your timely advise was really helpful in taking a good decision, Thanks!

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