Applying for H4 from a different state


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I wish to apply for an H4 visa. My permanent state of residence is Maharashtra (Mumbai). My passport has the same address. However, I have been working with a Bangalore based company since July 2011. I have been in Delhi for the past 6 months on an official project. For convenience sake, I would like to interview for the Visa from Delhi consulate.

In the past 6 months, I have spent around 4.5 months in Delhi, and the rest in other cities.

It would be difficult to produce a rent agreement for my stay in Delhi, because I was put up in a guest house for the first 3 months (it was not a continuous period of 3 months. I had checked out twice for one week each.) after which I went to Mumbai for a month (for my marriage), and now I have been staying in a rented accommodation in Delhi for the past 2 months (so I have a rent agreement only for the last two months)

However, I can get a letter from my company stating that I have been residing in Delhi for the past 6 months, and can even try to get the guest house receipts.

I have the following 3 questions:

1) Will this company letter be enough for me to legitimately interview in the Delhi Consulate?

2) If not, what more documents do you suggest I provide?

3) Do you suggest that I attend the interview in Mumbai or any other consulate?

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