Green card approved for my wife while she is india


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i am the primary applicant for the employment based green card. my wife is a derivative applicant.

my wife has travelled to India on advance parole and stayed in india for 4 months. While she is still in India, her GC got approved and i received both of our GCs in the US.

I am planning to visit India next week and hand over the green card to my wife. At that time we both are planning to return to US with the green card.

I would like to know whether my wife can show her greencard to Immigration and explain them that her green card got approved while she is india and my husband gave my greencard to me.

or she has to show the Advanced parole.

Thank you in advance for your reply!

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A friend of mine had the exact same situation as yours. The husband was here and received the wife's GC, when the wife was in India. He gave it to her and she entered using that. She was merely asked how she got it and she said the truth (that the husband gave it in India) - there were no issues.

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