221g white ottawa march 27


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Hi guys,

please, advice me , he ask me client letter , which i don't have. he said we need client letter and gave 221g. so what i need to do now . Do i need to wait the email from the consulate, requesting client letter. i don't know , what to do. please advice.


Get the client letter if you can and email the consulate the same. If you client does not give a client letter request your client to send an email to the consulate with your info.

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questions were simple, who do you report to (frm employer side)..name of manage..his role/designation...mode of reporting....what specialized skills do you have...that's all..


I was on same boat, there is no issue unless your degree/transcripts are printed in non-english(french) language.

I am in Ottawa until I get my passport back...I have got the loomis mail and hopefully will get my passport by tomorrow ( inved on Moday - so took 4 days) ...I will be able to help you guys in any way possible...just drop your email/contact dls..

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Hi All,

I would like to share my experience at ottawa. I was on F1 and did Master and got H1 in November. I have attended the H1-B visa interview at the US Embassy in Ottawa Mar 27rd morning.

I received a 221g with need for “Further Review”. I have provided them will the Client letter, Vendor letter, Employer Letter, I-797 & I-129, LCA, Paystubs.

Me: Hi, Good Morning. How are you?

Visa Officer (VO): Hi. I am Good thank you how are ya?

Me : I am fine thx.

VO: Who is your End client?

Me: XXX is my End client.

VO: Who is your employer?

Me: xxx is my Employer.

VO: What is your role?

Me: Gave the answer as my role.

VO: can i see I129 form and your pay stub.

Me: sure. gave the documents which he asked for.

VO: At this stage we need to review your request. Gave the white slip "221g" and passport.

Me: Sorry to ask you but how much time it will take?

VO: humm i really d't know that is why I gave your passport back in case you want to travel.

Me: Thank you very much.

Can anyone let me know how much time it will take, because i am stuck in CANADA and working form canada.

Does they will take a month ??

Please let me know if anyone had the same problem.

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Hi Guys,

i got an email from the ottawa consulate , saying that need to submit client letter but they didn't mention where i need to send .

please advice whether i need to send to ottawa email (or) drop of that in the consulate. please advice from your past experience.


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Hi Guys,

i got an email from the ottawa consulate , saying that need to submit client letter but they didn't mention where i need to send .

please advice whether i need to send to ottawa email (or) drop of that in the consulate. please advice from your past experience.


Were you able to provide the client letter? I planning to go for visa stamping. Client cannot give the letter.

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Ottawa27 ,

Ask your client manager to send client letter via emial to ottawacons@state.gov and ottawaf@state.gov. Make sure client letter is in correct format.

It wouls be good to forward the email you got from Consulate so that your client manager will understand to where he should send the email.

Even after sending a client letter Consulate may send one more email asking some questions to know Employer-Employee Relationship.

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An email will be sent to email id which you provided in the client letter. Consulate are asking some questions to check employer-employee relationship. Make sure that your client manager responds in such a way that your employer has ultimate control of you.

My Client manager also got an email from consulate.

By today your client manager would have recieved an email from consulate.

This process might take one to two weeks.

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Thank you, did VO asked u abt Master degree.. i did my B.E in India..


I do not want to discourage you but this is on the embassy website:

"Consular officers in Canada may refuse to issue a visa to first-time H1B applicants if the applicant's education and/or work experience is solely or predominantly from a country other than the United States or Canada. In the absence of U.S. or Canadian education or work experience, we strongly encourage you to apply from your country of residence."

Please only go if you do not have any other option.

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I had my interview yesterday and it went thru fine, I am staying in Ottawa until I get back my passport...give me ur contact no..I would try my best to help n guide you...

first4ever can you plz ping me at descent_g at yahoo dot com i can further explain my case. THanks!
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HI Krisc2499, Thanks for the reply.

My client got the email and she reply for the onsite information as I am not direct employee for the company they d't want to send offsite information.but they do cc to my emplyer in the email.

Can anyone know how much time it will take???


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  • 2 weeks later...

I did't get anything form them. Can anyone let me know how to check the status on over application.

i am still in Canada and working from here. it's been almost a month and no result.

can we call or email to the embassy to get the status????

I attended my interview on 03/26 and got a 221g white. Consulate e-mailed client after a week, for which client responded as well. It's almost a month now for my interview and I have no news. Is there someone with similar experience?


I like to know if both of you recieved any reply from counslate or not? Please infom as i am in same situation as I attended interview on April 16th and have not recieved any response yet.

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