BioMetrics Appt in Philadelphia, PA

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Has anyone had the experience of getting their Biometrics done in Philadelphia, PA? Any ideas on time-lines and early walk-in's? Any input is greatly appreciated.

I did not do early walk-in. But on my scheduled date, I had a 8 am appointment. I got there at 7:30, and was the third person in line.

The ASC opens at 8:00 officially, but they let us in 5 minutes in advance. There are several counters inside and the process was unbelievably smooth. I was out of there by 8:07. The person who took my Biometrics was courteous, professional and extremely efficient.

Hope this helps, good luck!

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Scheduled biometrics date is 05/14, but tried for walk in at elizabeth, nj today due to wife's travel plans in May and got denied walk-in there. However, we decided to go to Phily ASC right away to try our luck. Very few people there and workers were very courteous who agreed to do biometrics for us. It was worth driving for hours...

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