Most Update List of Documents Req @ HYD Consulate for H1B Stamping.

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Where can I find the most up to date list of the documents required for H1B Visa Stamp @ Hyderabad, India Consulate.

I already had a look at the list in the VFS & Consulate Websites.

I don't have a problem with the documents mentioned in those lists.

But, I remember there was a huge list when I went for stamping to the same consulate in December 2010.

They were asking for company annual reports, all other employee wages, salary reports, and lot more at that time in 2010.

I no more see all these on the list.

Does any one know if they updated the list after December 2010, or is it me who is unable to find the actual list of documents.

Can anyone post the document checklist.

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