Retrogression in May confirmed/ Guidelines to face it.


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It seems the CO confirmed the 15AUG2007 retrogression in May2012.


Charlie Oppenheim, Chief, Immigrant Visa Control & Reporting in the State Department, provided AILA with further information on priority date movement in the EB-2 category for China-mainland born and India for the remainder of FY2012. When the May Visa Bulletin is published, the China and India EB-2 cut-off will retrogress to August 15, 2007. Demand is still increasing at a very high rate and must be checked to maintain numbers for natives of other countries. As for projections for the remainder of the year, it is too early to predict movement. USCIS has informed Mr. Oppenheim that they will continue to “preadjudicate” adjustment applications received through April. The “preadjudicated” cases will be held by the State Department in the “pending” demand file. That way, the cases will be ready in October, or earlier, if the current number use pattern changes, and they are needed at the end of this fiscal year to assure utilization of the full employment-based permanent resident visa allocation.


And, here is the latest bulletin from, which has some good guidelines,

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What do you guys think is expected for those who filed in feb/march. Looks like they will all have to wait. Anyone knows how long this wait can be?

I was current in Jan 2012. PD Nov 2008. But due to delays by others I filed on March 12th.

Waiting for FP notice now. Looking at the trend of approvals of those filed in Jan and early Feb,

it looks like it takes 60-90 days for approval, if there are no RFE delays.

Based on that trend, I don't think it is realistic that March applications will get approved by April 30, now that retrogression is confirmed from May 2012.

My I-485 should be approved by April 30 for me to get GC. Otherwise, I have to wait till the PD becomes current again,

which is not predictable. But hopefully,dates will move forward again in Q1 of 2013.

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